Safe Cut:

Cut the Lawn without Risk of Injuries
Bridgetown, Barbados  Design

 Safe Cut – Safety is Our Priority.

Why Is Safe Cut a Necessity?
Operation of any type of lawnmower or string trimmer carries a risk of hitting and propelling objects such as stones, from the discharge chute. These objects can fly at dangerous speeds and cause injury to others in the area. There is also the potential for damage to windows, cars, or other property in addition to adults and children.

Safe Cut Features.
The Safe Cut is a Custom made industrial strength retractable weather proof nylon net barrier, secured with three telescoping poles. The hollow legs of the poles may be securely fastened into the ground via footholds designed to assist with pushing the poles securely into the earth. These poles will support the net barrier, which is easily opened by pulling the posts away from each other.
The mesh net is retractable and, after use, may be retracted between the two end posts and stored inside of a central sleeve for storage. The top portion of the pole is removable so that the net can create a small overhang, offering protection from any stray objects that fly upwards.

Safe Cut comes with a handy case for easy storage and transport to any location. Exact specifications and diagrams will be available prior to the manufacturing process.

The main feature of the Safe Cut barrier is the feeling of security you will feel when using it, knowing that you are performing your lawn and yard chores while keeping everyone around you safe.

Practical Applications.
Weather you live in a temperate country or in the tropics, Safe Cut is for you. Snow Melts grass grows, rain falls grass grows, with the movement of water also comes, rocks. Wood chips and broken glass. Lawn mowers, string trimmers, and other such bladed machines used in lawn care may launch stones and other such debris, putting individuals in the vicinity of the machine at risk of being struck and injured. This risk is difficult for users to address because it is not always possible to see a stone or stick that is deeply embedded within a patch of grass. These projectiles can damage buildings, damage cars, and injure anyone within the vicinity of the lawn mower or other machine. Therefore, there is a need in the prior art for  a device that is adapted to protect surrounding objects and people from projectiles launched from bladed  lawn care machines.

Founder Sherwin Boyce was inspired to create Safe Cut after witnessing of an accident in which a child was injured by a projectile thrown by a string weed trimmer. Objects thrown from these devices can travel up to 100 mph. The Safe Cut could have prevented injury to that child and will now be available to protect other children from harm.
Mr. Boyce is an ex-soldier. He is married and the proud father of two boys. He is a former finalist in the Inaugural Prime Minister’s National Innovative Competition in Barbados in 2003-2004 and progressed to the semi-finals in 2005-2006 and again in 2007-2008. He strives to use his passion for innovation to help others. Mr. Boyce formerly held the position of Councilor and Treasurer for the St. Michael Central Constituency Council, Barbados.


The clock has started. Customers sit in line for hours waiting to buy the latest mobile phone model, they wait at the airport to see a love, and at the movies to see a long awaited film. Safe Cut is no different.

Developing and crafting Safe Cut was no easy task.  Family and friends were continually answering my calls as I was creating design drafts. Whenever an idea hit me, I had to grab a paper and pen or my phone. I had to find the right designer to meet my vision. Now that Safe Cut has been granted pending-patent status, I have created a team to help make it a reality. It is our intention to make Safe Cut a worldwide success. Safe Cut has had many alterations and we have continued to make alterations which I feel have benefited the aesthetics and the practicality of the device.

Why Indiegogo? 

We’re really excited to be bringing such an important and useful tool to the average home owner, professional landscaping company, and the average Joe who makes his living maintaining lawns. Using crowdfunding makes sense for everyone involved.
In order to keep the cost down, we need to make these in volume. Your pledge helps us create these at the lowest possible price. The future of Safe cut is in your hands.
If you like the idea, but don’t want a Safe Cut device, show your support by pledging any amount; please share this link with friends as well.

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